"The only important thing about design is how it relates to people."
-Victor Papanek
Hi, I'm Ben. I'm an Information Designer. 
I solve problems by researching the issue at hand, putting forward possible solutions, and then enacting the most appropriate ones. Some of the problems I've worked on solving involved looking at stigma with substance abuse, managing brand consistency, and developing visual identities. When I'm not trying to solve complex problems, I'm learning about the different ways design can help people communicate.
I am a graduate of the Information Design program at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. During my education, I worked on communications projects inside and outside of school that taught me how to do proper research, problem solving, and design. My love for learning has taken me to the University of Alberta, where I am enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Communication and Technology program.
In the last four years, I've worked with Kiron Open Higher Education, the Bowness Community Association, LitFest, the Calgary Performing Arts Festival, and more. I've also had academic projects in connection with organizations, such as the Calgary Zoo and the Kirby Centre.
If you would like to connect with me or inquire about a project I've done, please use the form below.
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